Privacy Policy

As an accredited member of the BACP, I am bound by their Ethical Framework and will abide by this in my dealings with all clients and potential clients. Further information regarding the BACP and their Ethical Framework can be found in the About BACP Governing Body page of this website.

Information will be collected during our telephone calls, email communication and face to face counselling sessions and stored in line with GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.  Before we begin our work together you will be provided with a Data Protection and Privacy Statement which will outline what information is collected, why we collect it, how we intend to use it, how long it will be stored for and how it will be disposed of.

Personal information will be used by Client Led Counselling Ltd alone and not shared with a third party.

Clients are the primary focus at Client Led Counselling Ltd and will be treated with respect and valued as an individual at all times.  I committed to putting client’s confidentiality first and will endeavour to develop and protect my clients trust.