The Counselling Process

I work in a Humanistic, Person Centred way which encourages self-exploration and often requires you to discuss upsetting emotions and painful memories which can feel difficult to start with. You may initially feel worse however this is part of the process in order to move forward with your life in a way that feels positive to you.

A therapeutic relationship is created of acceptance and without judgement. We will work together, being open and honest with each other enabling you to make sense of your experience, understand and process your emotions before moving towards a sense of feeling empowered to make changes you wish to make and improve your wellbeing.

In order to gain the most from your experience of counselling, sessions should ideally be consistent. Not all sessions will feel the same, sometimes some more helpful than others however it is important to remember that counselling is a process and not a quick fix.

Counselling will not involve me giving you advice, I believe we are all our own experts and that it is more empowering for you to come to the conclusion as to what is right for you.

Coming for counselling can feel like a daunting prospect, please be assured that I will support you throughout the journey.

``The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination”

Carl Rodgers